Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Earl, Patron Saint of Cell Phones

Last night, I was having a particularly tough night. Tuesday and Thursday nights are generally pretty hectic. We are very fortunate that basically all of our extra activities are on Tuesday and Thursday, but it makes for a CRAZY evening.

So I had dropped one kid for carpool, taken another to practice, gone to pick up one from practice and then headed to get JC. Well, it turns out that I got to JC's work and had no way to let him know that I was there and waiting with three kids in the car needing to be at the next pick-up within 20 minutes. I am walking around his building, the doors are locked and there isn't a soul in sight. I consider tapping my keys on the window of his office, but I didn't want to go that route - you know, just in case his boss was sitting in the cubicle with him. So I am walking all around and I poke my head into the mail room to see if there is a phone I can use.

Holy cow, I look down and there is a cell phone on the ground! Can you believe it! It was like a technology miracle. The phone had obviously been dropped because it was apart on the ground. I picked it up, put it back together and worked! I called JC and told him to come on out and then I looked in the last dialed numbers for the phone. The last number dialed said 'mom'. So I called mom. Boy was she surprised to hear from me. Her son is the FedEx man at JC's office. The phone must have dropped from his pocket and he didn't know it. She was thrilled to hear from me. Earl called us late last night. He was very very thankful. JC put the phone in a Fedex envelope and dropped it in the slot for Earl to get today.

The beautiful thing is that Earl had no way of knowing how much his dropped phone helped me last night. It was truly one of those crazy miracles!

Thank you SO much Earl.


Amy J. said...

Fate. Kismet. Karma. Serendipity. Cool.

I like Earl.

Pay it forward.

christy said...

That is really a miracle, KC!

becky said...

what a great story!!!

HeatherRene said...

How very very cool is that?!?! :)

mary said...

God is awesome..!!