Thursday, January 5, 2012

About Home

Whenever we go to visit our families, I say we are going home.

Even though home is here with our kids which is three and a half hours away from home.
Even though home is when all of our friends from home are in our home and the house is full.
Even though home is being at Garner State Park or Pensacola Beach with Jeff and the kids.
Even though home can be a simple ride in the car to the Sonic with my best girls.


Home has many meanings to me.

I love our home.
I love the feeling of home that comes when we are with our lifelong friends.
I love going home.

Yesterday, we went to a funeral for Mr. Manning, one of the grown-ups from home.
It was sad.
It was beautiful.
It was an excellent remembrance of a life well lived.

I have very fond memories of being a little girl and spending time with the Manning family.
In my child-like memories, they were the closest I'd ever get to meeting movie stars - even though they were regular people. (but I guess that is another blog post)

One of the greatest things about home (besides that my momma is there) are the friends that will always be part of our life.
I was full of pride while sitting in that funeral parlor with two rows of men sitting together in support our friends from home.

Home filled two pews and it felt so good.

I love home.

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