Tuesday, January 24, 2012

About Legs and Guts

Wyatt hurt his leg playing outside.

first x-rays can be kinda scary
He walked around on it for 5 days and only fussed about it when he was tired or still.
my leg hurts, mom

On the 6th day, went to 3 doctors and we both felt tired and scared.
two best buddies and a gun just in case
We went to an orthopaedic doctor.
green is my favorite color
Then I trusted my gut and on the advice of our pediatrician, we went for a second opinion.
best kid bone doctors in town
Turns out that it was the smartest thing I've done in a long time.
taking care of baby steve - serious brownie points

I am thankful that we have a thorough, smart, and loving pediatrician.
I am thankful that I stuck with my gut.
I am thankful that we have the best pediatric orthopaedic.
I am thankful our kid is going to be okay.

best buddies watchin the 'copters

Wyatt has an osteochondroma.
He is is going to be okay.
It might be a long, painful road.
But I know that we can make it.

P.S.  This post started off with loads of words and tons of negativity.  After days of 'sleeping on it', I've decided the best way to go is to share the positive.  As a mom, it is my job to take care of my kid.  And sometimes that means I've got to trust my gut.  I am thankful for a pediatrician that supported me and was willing to answer the phone and listen every time I called in tears.  They got us to the right place, and I feel so much better now.


Angela said...

Sorry to learn about Wyatt. So glad you trusted your instincts. Hope all will be well. Love to the whole family. MGF

JL said...

what a trooper you've got. and what a trooper you are. your mamahood inspires me.

HeatherRene said...

You are an awesome mom. Your gut has gotten you and your family through this far, and I don't expect it to let you down any time soon. I love you. And SBW. And Baby Steve.