Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the way i see things

Sometimes it seems like I am over stimulated by the things that I see.
I am constantly turning around to go and take a picture. 
can you spot the armadillo?
Before I had a reliable cell phone camera, I would drive around with our regular camera always at the ready.

Sometimes I take pictures of things that I see everyday and love.  Like this really awesome cactus in the neighborhood.
in real life, it looks like a cactus ball.
Sometimes I take pictures of things that make me laugh.  Mostly especially if it is inappropriate junior high humor.
use caution
I love billboards and marquees.  There seem to be lots of them in our area.
thank you MLK.
And I take a lot of pictures of things that I can see that don't turn out too great on camera.  Like the way it looks like Homer is walking Canela in this picture.
homie and canela
And you know I had to take a picture of this beer bus to send to Thomas.  Oh except for the fact that he doesn't get pictures on his phone.  Phooey.

follow that beer bus.

I am wondering if it makes me like a crazy cat lady that I have multiple pictures of Homer?  Hmmmm....
homie talkin to us
And the traffic.  Oh the traffic.  I rarely have an opportunity to drive on MOPAC during rush hour.  And man-o-man, it is a parking lot.
thankful i don't do this everyday

I am so thankful we live by water.  Something about it makes me love our city even more. 
in the middle of the city and yet it seems so far away

Sitting in the tax office and getting a kick out of these signs that say 'please be courteous to others and take conversations outside.' Most especially since the tan shirt guy in the top right of the picture is talking very loudly to someone on the phone.  It kills me that I don't speak Spanish - sure would have liked to know what he was saying.
no habla espanol.  :(

And this is me.  After I dumped a tray of 2 reds, 2 whites and 3 champagnes on myself at the UT Chancelor's house.  Good thing I still have a job.  And for the record, everyone saw the lady bump into me.
smelled like a wino.
This was the beautiful view from one of our living room windows yesterday.  Looked like it might snow - even though it was in the 60s.  I love spring.  I love summer.  And even though I don't love the winter, this view was very welcome yesterday.
be still and quiet
So that's some of what I've got on my phone.  I always say I am gonna take less pictures of silly things - but why?  I kinda like the way I see things.  Even if it does mean that I am always driving in circles to get the picture.

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HeatherRene said...

I love all your pictures! and I am the crazy cat lady with a million pictures of Beasley! :)