Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kerbey Out

Our family doesn't go out to eat very often.  (not to be confused with driving thru)

opened in 1986
When we do eat out, we have a few restaurant that we always go to that are located right here in the hood.
gone are the days of coloring the kid's menu
We often find ourselves at Kerbey Lane Cafe with big fat bowl of Kerbey queso sitting on the table.
dear kerbey, bigger bowl of queso please
 We were all sad to hear that our Kerbey would be closing.
please don't get rid of your jumbo booths
We were glad to hear that it would be opening in a new larger location just down the street.
and we trust you will relocate the fish

 So we made our final family trip to our beloved Kerbey South.

crazy carr kids

I hope the new Kerbey isn't going all fancypants on us.  We feel right at home at the old location with it's 12 layers of paint on the walls and weird ladies room. Even if it is a little nicer, we will still eat there because the food is yum, the staff is kind and there is always an eclectic mix of folks that makes for an awesome free show of the human race.

And if you are like me, you probably think it is just plain WEIRD to drive down South Lamar and not see this sign glowing.
Wonder how many late night partiers will be dazed and confused when they pull up for their 2am meal after a fun night on the town?

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Kristin said...

They moved the Kerbey that was by us, also in an older eclectic building, into a Serranos...definitely NOT the same. Bigger isn't always better.