Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Texas Heaven

Jeff and I had a very rare opportunity to getaway for about 24 hours this past weekend.

sunset at the ranch - there is nothing better
His baby brother turned 40 and we had an impromptu family gathering at our sister-in-law's family ranch. 
6 carrs + 1 mule + middle of the night hog hunt = laughter for days
My sweet sister-in-law gave our Chrissy a replica Alvin Yellowjackets jersey that was customized with his name and number.
did you know we have a high school football star in the fam?
We spent a fair amount of time sitting in these chairs solving the world's problems.
worryin is like rockin in a rockin chair...
gives ya somethin to do, but gets ya nowhere.
We enjoyed riding around the ranch and hanging with the locals.
mom, i'm hungry
We had some nice quiet time.
thankful for the rain
I enjoyed spending alone time with this guy.  I am so in love it him.
we need one of these to ride around in the neighborhood
Sister-in-law's mom is an amazing artist.  This painting is giant and I love it.  Someday, I will own it. (or at least a copy)
four in the front, sbw bringing up the rear
Even washing the dishes seems easier when you are on the ranch.
kitchen window view
Sister-in-law's family is so kind to share this with us.  To allow us to see and feel a little small piece of their Texas heaven.
where things slow down
And the family, well...it was simply the very best family visit with absolutely no weird family stress.  It was so nice to have a small amount of time for the adults to connect.  Grown-up talk.  Imagine that.  Just to be together and enjoy each other.  It was good.  So so good.
strong enough to bend

And I gotta say, I am so thankful for my three friends that let the kids hang at the last minute.  Mostly especially that three doors down gal that had the three youngest kids, including the crazy broken legged three year old.  She is my hero and I owe her a million trillon times over.

monkeys kept in cage for 24 hours

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