Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mother's Day Crawdads

Sunday wasn't just a big day for soccer, it was also Mother's Day. Fortunately for me, AJ and Uncle Jimmy invited us to come to Round Rock for a crawfish boil with some of their neighbors and friends. What a great great time! Our kids had never eaten a crawdad before, so it was a great day of firsts. Uncle Jimmy taught them how to crack the shells and even suck the head. (Which I told them they couldn't do!) You can probably tell by the picture that #3 wanted no part of it. #2 LOVED them and #1 and #4 thought they were a bit too spicy. The biggest part of the day was playing in the three buckets that had live crawdads! #4 got pretty smart about pulling out the ones with straight tails!

Thank you AJ and Uncle Jimmy for making my mother's day so nice.


HeatherRene said...

That picture of #3's face is PRICELESS!!! Glad you had a great day! :)

Kim said...

#2 seems to like exotic foods. ie Olive Tapenade. I think that's great! Someone to eat sushi with.