Wednesday, October 31, 2007

About Funeral Processions and Cemeteries

The funeral for my Uncle Freddie was yesterday. It was REALLY nice and very sweet. Here are some things that I noticed about funeral processions and cemeteries...

1. It seems like I never see people in Austin stop their cars in respect when a funeral procession is driving by. If the city folk do stop, it might only be for the hearse. And if the road had a median, they certainly will not stop.

In Missouri, practically everyone (including 18 wheelers) stopped on the side of the road and sat there until the whole line of cars has passed. The funeral procession drove about 30 miles from Cabool, Missouri to Licking, Missouri. It was a really nice drive where we went past his home with my aunt and his parent's house. The funeral director came to every car and requested headlights and hazard lights be turned on. There were a few times when we would be going over a hill that I could see the long line of cars in front and behind. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it. What a great tribute to Freddie.

2. #4 and I spent sometime walking around the Boone Creek cemetery. This is a small town cemetery that was established in the early 1800's. (wow) It is maintained and owned by the Boone Creek Baptist church (right next door). I took pictures of a few headstone because they moved me. There were so many more to look at, but not enough time.

Notice that the couple was married 72 years when the husband died. Isn't that amazing. 72 YEARS!!! I would love to know them. I would love to talk to their kids (assuming that they had some). What a beautiful thing. And they both lived to be almost 100! So cool.

I was really struck by this headstone. The first thing I noticed was the photo. A lot of the headstones in this old country cemetery have black and white photos mounted on them. This young man was pretty attractive. Then I noticed that he was only 21 when he died in Vietnam. My heart hurt for his family. For his mother. How sad. I wonder if the small town of Licking mourned his loss and came out to support his family. I am aware that there are soldiers coming home to be buried everyday. I wonder how it is different now than it was 30 years ago.

This is the headstone that got me to walking around the cemetery. When the funeral procession drove into the cemetery, we pasted this headstone and it caught my eye. After the graveside service, #4 and I took some time to walk around and find it again. I love its simplicity. I love how it so beautifully says 'His wife'. I forgot to take a picture of the back. It said 'their children' and listed out four or five names. It is so so so old, but looks so well taken care of.

And lastly - a little funny from my funny #4. We are standing back watching all of the people at the tent. Lots of family, hugs, love, kind words, and caring moments. And #4 says, 'This would be a great place for my next birthday party.' 'We can hang my pinata in that forest behind the tent.' So naturally I had to take a picture of what he was seeing. It was a wide open place. Lots of people hugging and loving. Beautiful weather, beautiful family time - why not go ahead and plan a birthday party here too!! Oh my sweet sweet angel!

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HeatherRene said...

That does sound like a wonderful gathering, whatever the occasion. Way to see the beauty of it #4!
Love you~h