Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things I Don't See in Texas

Got home this morning. So so so tired. Had very limited access to my friend the computey while I was gone. Everyday I thought of multiple things to blog about. Now they have all gone from my head. I'll start with this though...

Things I don't really see in Texas -

1. Liquor store auction on a Sunday (or ever for that matter). Two lane country road and a shack of a store. Aunt Marcella said that the proprietor had a heart attack and died. All of his stuff went to auction. Tables and tables of liquor. Real live auctioneer. "One give me one give me now two I say two give me three I hear 5 from the drunk in the corner..." ha ha ha

Kids running all over the yard. Hot dog cart in the driveway. And rows and rows of booze. My cousin Codi and I did the drive by (oh no you didn't just drive past my sale) and I had her (the Baptist preacher's wife) hang out the window to take the pictures. :) Of course, they were all staring at us. Some even calling out to her and saying lovely things like "take my picture baby, I'll smile!"

After taking a few pictures, she says "Kathy! Drive. I know these people! Really!!!" ha ha.

2. Logger trucks. We went past a handful of saw mills. Many of my family members have worked in a mill. It is truly something to see these giant 18 wheelers driving down two lane country roads. Then to drive past the mill and see the stacks and stacks and stacks of lumber. I wish I would have stopped to take a picture of one of them so that you could see. It seems like something from a day gone by. But it is real and still happening.

3. Leaves. Especially where we live (Central Texas) there are very few places where you can see the beautiful changing of the seasons with every fall color you can imagine. It is almost impossible to describe the beautiful leaves in the Ozarks. Don't get me wrong, our trees are pretty - and I love Texas, but man-o-man, the rolling hills of trees as far as you can see with so many colors.


Isaiah5513 said...

OK, that is impressive how you typed out that whole auctioneer bit. And OMG! all that liquor out on tables like that!
I want more than anything to travel east for fall, someday.

HeatherRene said...

shocked by the liquor table!!! and laughing at your explanation of hanging out the window taking pics! :)