Thursday, October 4, 2007


This afternoon, I was visiting with my good friend LC. We were sitting and talking while the kids had piano lessons and were running around on the playground at a little church. As we sat in the chairs visiting, a couple that she is good friends with walked up and joined in the friendly conversation. I watched LC as she chatted with both the husband and wife. I am struck by her ability to be comfortable and move freely in these types of conversations. She gave gianormous hugs (like full body) to both the husband and wife. And during our conversation was very tangible with them - smiling, hand holding, friendly nudges and hugs of excitement and laughter. I see the same beautiful quality in my good friend Sara. She hugs everyone she meets. I mean like giant huge body touching hugs. Or like my BFF HB, all huggin' all those church people and their kids. I swear, she has been my BFF for as long as I can remember and I can barely stand for her to hug me. Not because I don't like it, but mostly cause I know if she touches me that I'm gonna burst into tears cause I love her so much.

I want to be more like that. Inside, I want to hug every person makes my heart sing and smile. I want to be able to walk up to people that I know need a little extra love and give it to them. I have friends that are my dear dear friends that I love so so so much that I cannot reach out and touch. What is it with me? Why...

Well, I know I am working on it. When I'm old and crazy(ier), I'm gonna grab everyone I see and hug the hell outta them. Who knows, maybe I'll even be kissin' folks too! :)

I am glad to say that my freakish body bubble does not pertain to my children. I try to hang on them and touch them every second that I can. I want them to grow knowing how comforting and beautiful it is when someone who loves you so dearly touches you and holds you. There are times that I can feel their arms around me and it brings me such a beautiful sense of calm and of love and of family.

P.S. And don't get any bright ideas, I don't want some weird hug the next time I see any of you. It'd prolly cause me to burst into tears and then you'd hafta clean up the mess. :)

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;-)i miss u!