Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eckerd Drugs

The other day, JC and I were having a conversation about how the chain drug stores are popping up everywhere. We are truly being surrounded by them. We talked about who actually shops in these stores, if the prices are higher, do they have most things?, ect., ect.

This morning I was on a quick run to get a coke before JC and #4 left for school. (I'm still sick and staying home) I decided to stop by the CVS cause we needed toilet bowl cleaner and q-tips and I didn't feel like going into HEB.

A few things of note...

1. I am surprised by how many things are under lock and key. I'm sure it is like this everywhere and I just haven't noticed. Here are a few...perfume, baby formula, OTC birth control, diet pills. I am surprised that these things are such hot items that the stores are willing to pay for plexiglass cases to lock them up.

2. While looking for q-tips, I passed the perfume section. Obviously I am feeling sick and very sensitive because I just about burst into tears. They still sell Charlie, Jontue, Jovan Musk, Navy, and Chantilly dusting powder. I wanted to stop and smell all of them, but of course they are all locked away and I didn't want to bother with finding a helper with keys to do it. All of these scents make me think of my mom. She always wears perfume. Sometimes I can close my eyes and think about how she smells. It is almost like she is here with me. If I had $100 to waste, I might have bought them all just to keep at home and smell on occasion.

3. I noticed a VERY young and VERY VERY skinny girl getting assistance with the locked up diet pill cabinet. If I was the worker, I might have told her to spend her money on a sandwich.

4. The older lady at the check out stand had a coupon for my toilet cleaner. Oh no, not a CVS coupon, but a coupon that she had clipped and saved and was keeping in her little coupon holder for just the right customer. What a kind kind kind thing to do. I love nice people.

So, I don't know if I'll go back. But it seems like those stores aren't so so bad.

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