Monday, June 23, 2008

June 14

This is nuts. I guess I didn't realize how nutty I am until I actually saw this all in black and white. Here we go...

Drove S to Plano to meet his buddies at the Eisenberg SkatePark to help Celebrate MW's b-day.

Happened upon a children's festival in Plano. M and C had a blast riding the train, touring the old steam train, getting their faces painted and visiting the Disney Radio booth. Here they are meeting Elsie the Borden cow. (The girls are with Tom and Val doing the 2008 Autism Walk.)

Cane pole fishing in the pond.

Matching balloon hats. (That is a lighting bolt.)

Grab up all of my kids and leave Lewisville to meet S and co. in Plano at the Zumiez Couch Tour skate demo and festival.

Sweaty hot boys that have been skating all afternoon.

Super b-day mom with kids that she has driven from Austin to Plano for a skate-a-riffic b-day bash.

Back in Fort Worth getting ready to head over to the X-Fighters. Happen upon the horse riding cowgirls that will carry the flags during the show. They were all so sweet and very happy to take a picture with our girls.

Pretty tired, but all still smiling. Happy to be at our first ever motocross event. Thanks DAD! :)

Horse rider girl up at the top of the hill holding the American flag. Gotta love it!

Not many good pictures of motorcycle stunts - they were just too fast.

Me and kids in front of huge X-Fighter banner.

Highlight of the whole night - meeting Travis Pastrana. S had been talking about him all week. The greatest motocross athlete ever. And on top of it - he is a sincerely nice fellow. Everyone in our family was thrilled to meet him. Naturally, I was in the bathroom and missed the whole thing.

JC always works so hard and is always so happy to share the perks of his job with me and the kids. We are so thankful. What a great night and a great opportunity to do something that we wouldn't normally get to do!

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Heather and Stephen said...

More great pics!! and that is so great about the TX girls and the pics with your TX girls! :) neat stuff!