Friday, June 6, 2008

May 21

On a morning walk around the capitol I got these two pictures.

The first is of M running through the lawn - what I am hoping you can see is the large trees down in the background. I read that the capitol lost 7 trees that were over 100 years old during the storm last week. Most of them were roped off so far away from the damaged tree site that I wasn't able to get a close enough picture for you to really see the destruction. It is really kind of sad. The capitol also had many broken windows in the rotunda. Man - it was a huge storm.

The second is our favorite squirrel. All four of our kids have played many hours on this lawn and we have watched this albino squirrel for years. I'm not a big fan of squirrels (rats with fuzzy tails) - but I've always thought this squirrel was pretty neat.

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