Thursday, June 5, 2008

May 15 & 16

School is closed due to big storms overnight. Many many trees are down and there is no power in the neighborhood or the school. But there is nothing you can do to stop a charter bus of 5th graders from going on their overnight field trip!!!

JC took off of work to be one of the male chaperone's. The whole fifth grade had the opportunity to ride the bus to Houston.

Headed into the IMax theatre in the Natural History Museum to watch a 3-D movie about the Galapagos Islands. The kids also got to go to the Burke Baker Planetarium. I have lots of fond memories of visiting this museum and the Planetarium as a kid. I especially think it is cool that our kid got to do it too!

In the Butterfly exhibit. This child has been afraid of butterfly's for as long as I can remember. Who'd think that he'd be 11 and still trying to avoid them - and in a butterfly exhibit of all places!

Checking out the dinosaur bones.

The next stop...Houston Zoo. Looks like the children's petting zoo is still a big hit!!

Checking out the prairie dogs! (Kinda makes me wanna go to Alvin for a little trip down memory lane and Prairie Dog Park - although I think I'm a little too pregnant to have a make out session in the car with my husband. Oh to be young again!)

What I love about the Houston Zoo is that some things never change. I can vividly remember walking through this entrance into the exotic bird sanctuary with my mom and brother, my classmates, my friends and my kids.

Yippee!!! They made it home and they even brought us all gifts to boot!

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Heather and Stephen said...

Between this and CGBs boys going to San Jacinto, I'm going to have to freeze a coke so it can make my sack lunch wet and tear up and soggy my pb&j! What great memories!!
How thoughtful to bring prizes! :)