Monday, June 23, 2008

June 3

School Talent Show 2008.

Our girls performed a dance routine to a High School Musical 2 song. They worked very hard and with the help of our friend Tamara, it was a great success.
(E is the dancer lime green top and skirt and J is the prop girl in the pink top.) Also, notice the school principal running out to get the beach balls basically as soon as the girls throw them. Hee hee - it cracks me up.

Now these next two videos are of our new rising star. S and his friend J put together a routine all on their own (no parent help), made a budget, bought costumes at Goodwill and BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN! I am SO proud of these kids because this is completely out of S's character to do something like this. It was a surprise - they didn't tell any of their classmates what they had up their sleeves. When they tried out to be in the talent show, one of the adult judges commented that this was the first time they had a cross-dressing act! When we got home the night after the talent show, he had messages from a few of his classmates congratulating him and two of the teachers at school called to tell him how proud they were of him! WAY TO GO S & J!!!

Whole performance - S is the kid on the right hand side of your screen. You might notice how the crowd is laughing the entire time.

Part of performance - closer shot so you can see him better.

And thanks to Kim KaRob and Tim for shooting the videos of our kids. I don't wish we had a video camera very often - but this is definitely one of the times!

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