Thursday, June 5, 2008

May 11

The whole family gets up very early and heads back to Round Rock for the CAYSA semi-finals/finals. The CAYSA championship is the best teams from Austin, Pflugerville, Waco, Temple, San Marcos, Georgetown (all of Central Texas) competing for the top spot. Some of you might remember that S's team won this tournament on Mother's Day of 2007. E's team has worked VERY hard to get to this place and we are all very excited to support her.

E's team, the Caterpillars, have mostly been together since kindergarten. They have always had the same incredible coach who has put up with many seasons of winning and losing and flower picking little girls. This is very much a family for her (and us) and for them to win this tournament is such an incredible accomplishment.

The team captains are on the field for coin toss.

E spends another day as goalie - thank goodness it was much cooler on this day!

After two exciting games, the girls came in first place! We knew they could do it and are all so so proud of them!

This could possibly be the next women's US Olympic Soccer Team! Watch out Mia Hamm!!!

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