Tuesday, February 26, 2008

#3 Turns 8

In January, our #3 turned the big big 8. Unfortunately, her birthday came at a time where we were trying to wrap up moving AND right in the middle of our family getting the flu. The really crummy thing is that Jeff and I were both so sick on the day of her birthday that we didn't even have a cake for her. She was SO understanding about the whole thing - but that could be because she was getting sick herself. As a matter of fact, she got really sick the day after her birthday and ended up missing the whole week of school.

I look at this child and marvel at how much she has grown. She has turned into such a kind, responsible, happy, free-spirited little girl - and I am SO SO SO thankful.

She loves High School musical and was so EXCITED to get a High School Musical throw pillow from her little brother.

Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Steve sent a big goodie box full of all of the things any good teacher needs. Including her own 'teaching' glasses. The birthday girl is so funny about taking very good care of her glasses and only wears them when teaching!

Her big gift from mom and dad was her very own acoustic guitar that 'isn't a toy guitar'. She has been strumming her heart out and 'writing' more songs every day. You might also notice in the photos that she received a pink polka dot basketball from her older brother and lots of new fancy underpants and a silky heart nightgown from her sister.

Her favorite gift came from Darlene and Dave. They sent her the High School Musical singing game for the Wii. She has been singing her heart out and all of her friends wanna sing as soon as they come over. (Unfortunately, it never crossed my mind to take a picture while she is doing it.) She has had so much fun unlocking new characters and hearing her own voice coming out of the TV!

I thank God everyday for all of these kids. I know that we are truly blessed.


Christy said...

Happy Birthday J!

Texicana said...

Eight is GREAT! Hooray. We are SO happy to know you are practicing your guitar and we can't wait to hear a song. Keep practicing your music and singing. Love you and hope you have many more happy birthdays.

Heather and Stephen said...

She IS such a grown up girl. I'm shaking my head at how incredibly fast they grow up!

and, I remember just before we moved and she was singing "just go away, leave me alone....Now come back! I need you here..." Great song writing!