Thursday, February 7, 2008

7th Heaven

The other day I was thinking about the number 7. The only odd number I've ever really liked has been 23 (JC bday, our anniversary, #2 bday). Lately, seven has really grown on me. Here are a few of the reasons...

I am 37.
We've been married 17 years.
I am pregnant for the 7th time.

Wow - 7 pregnancies. Hard to believe it when I say it out loud and even harder to believe when I read it here in black and white!!! 37 and 17 are really no shock to me - I always knew those things would happen. Seven really fills my heart with joy and is also a little sad.

Our love that started when we were so so young has made this beautiful family. Our love is still rock solid and so so strong. The kids are thrilled. I'm a little tired (of throwing up that is). I think that JC is a little proud.

We are 15 weeks. Almost half way through. We all went last week and saw the bundle swimming around, sucking a thumb and we tried our hardest to figure out if it is a boy or girl. No luck with that yet. All the kids have their own picture of the bundle. We let them start telling people last Friday. Within hours, I'm pretty sure the whole school knew. Funny how many casual friends have come up to us on separate occasions telling that they heard from the school janitor, or the lunch lady or their kid told them and they just couldn't believe it was true.

Only a few folks have not been so positive. It's okay though because I've wanted this family my WHOLE life and there is so much love here - even for the negative folks.

#4 told Momo that if the baby is a girl, she can have it. He's sticking to his story too!

The kids and JC are taking good care of me. I am SO thankful.

P.S. And no, we are not gonna name our kid Seven. And not Soda either.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!Congrat(I can't spell it this morning) Yay!!!!

Amy J. said...

What about Six? Six is a great name! haha - love the Seinfeld reference! And I'm so so so happy for you!!!

Heather and Stephen said...

How about Siete? Or Zieben? :)
YAYE FOR Cinco de Carr!

Mrs. Greg Green said...

congratulations! what wonderful news! you are so blessed. praying for the nausea to ease up.