Thursday, February 7, 2008

On Perspective

Lately, I've been very aware of people all around me that are very stressed about life and the world around them. Some are people that I care about, others are complete strangers. I watch these people move through their day to day duties and wonder how they feel. I am not stressed about being 5 minutes late to a practice, a lesson or even school for that matter. I am stressed about bills, my children having warm loving memroies of their childhood, and being able to take a family vacation to Germany next summer.

I use to get VERY worked up (back in the day when there were just 2) about kids having clean uniforms, being early to games, practicing their instruments a set number of minutes, having the most delicious snacks, etc., etc. I just can't do that anymore.

The people that run around crazy like are not wrong. I am not wrong. I have this little plaque that is a daily reminder of my quest to 'simplify my life'. I don't mean in terms of the calendar = for goodness sakes, we have six games this Saturday. I mean in terms of how I handle all of these things. I know that my laid back attitude is a turn off to many people. Apparently it seems that some even think that I don't care or am not committed.

I've been praying and even meditating a lot lately for peace. Peace in the world would be great. Peace in the hearts of each one of my children is my ultimate reward. Peace for my own ability to function in this daily life with a cool head, clear perspective and for the world to know the love I have is a daily goal.

I hope that my kids don't grow up to be lazy adults that don't care for their home or the world around them, based on how they have seen me move casualy through each day. Somehow I believe that they will strive to keep their home in order and live life to the fullest - every single moment - because of what they see us doing.

P.S. Sorry for any mis-spelled words - the spell checker isn't working and the monitor is too far away for me to read what I am typing. The good news is, this all comes from my heart.

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Anonymous said...

That's why my verse is "all your children will be taught BY the Lord and GREAT will be the peace of your children."
So many posts today. It's good to have the computer set up, huh?