Monday, February 18, 2008

A Little Nutty

Boy-o-boy, have I been a little nutty lately. I think it is the pregnancy hormones and the general craziness of our lives. At least I hope it is. I've been feeling like such a scatter brain. bleck.

Here is an example of my last 24 hours.

Grocery shopping with #3. Went to two stores and forgot most of what I went shopping for.

Came home and was working on unpacking. Standing on a bar stool to hang something up and I fell off. Yep, fell right off that stool. Lucky that I'm not hurt more. Kinda hurt my pride though cause when I fell I pee'd all over myself. My hip and back are pretty darn sore today, but the doctor says that the baby is all good!

Driving #4 to school. Ran a red light. Not a yellow gonna be red light...but a real live red light. Just didn't notice it. Drive down these roads a million times and just wasn't paying attention. Thank goodness no one was coming.

Go to the doctor's office and check in. After a little bit, they open the window say something to the tune of 'have you signed in?'. Of course, I say yes. They look and look. Well, I did sign in. Appointment time, arrival time, doctor to see...just forgot to put my name. ugh.

Then they call me back and I've gotta pee in a cup. Well sure enough, I drop the cup in the toilet. AHHHHHH!!!!!!

I wish I could shake this nuttiness. The bad thing is that it just seems to be getting worse.

Oh well, at least I am still happy and all my people know they are loved. In the end, I know that is all that really matters. :)


Christy said...

...and this is the second time I tried to post a reply...

As I was saying...
I'm sorry you are feeling scatterbrained. As I recall, that was one of the side-effects of pregnancy.

And one of the side-effects of having kids is no brain at all.

There, let's see if I can sign in.

Heather and Stephen said...

Sleep, breathe, take 5 minutes for you. That's all I got advice-wise. OH, and 5 chicken breasts, 1 can cheddar cheese soup, 1 can cream of chicken soup, salt, pepper, garlic powder. Crock pot 6 hrs, serve over rice. Ta-da. Dinner! :)

Mrs. Greg Green said...

How is it that I am just as scatterbrained without any kids? Maybe from just wanting them too much?

Texicana said...

Whew! I'm SO glad you made it through that 24 hours alive and well (not to mention the baby plus #4 too). Stay happy, that's the main thing. Know you are loved.