Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Half Pipe Heaven

During the Christmas break, our dear friends Liz and Curt called wanting to make a special Christmas present for #1. Curt is a very talented home builder and wanted to (with our blessing) work with #1 and Jeff to build #1 a half-pipe skate ramp.

So, the day after Christmas, they went over to Curt's house and started the work. I have never seen a kid so proud to be working in all of my life. #1 had that little 'I'm really proud of this' smile on his face the whole time he was working.

Once we got moved and over the flu, the ramp was moved here and assembled for #1 to ride. There isn't a day that goes by that the kid isn't on the ramp. And most of the time, he is on the ramp with a heard of other kids over here to ride too!

Every time he rides that ramp, he owns it. He takes care of it and worries when the it rains that the ramp hasn't been sealed yet. I am so proud of that boy and his hard work. I am so proud that his dad had the opportunity to do it with him, and I am SO thankful for friends like Liz and Curt who do things outta the kindness of their hearts.


Texicana said...

Power tools are awesome and what fantastic concentration #1 had while using the saw. You should be very proud of your creation. Keep on trucking.

Heather and Stephen said...

and he and all his friends are at your house. Not running the streets! :)