Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Big Concert

The same week that we all had the flu, we also had tickets to see Hannah Montana. Our kids always work so hard at school, in sports and are very kind, sweet kids. So I had one of these parenting moments where I just couldn't say no and resist the urge to splurge.

Both of our girls have listened to their peers talk about going to see Hannah Montana. Each time, our girls come home and we talk about how we are happy for the great opportunities that others have. I'll be honest, sometimes it has been a tough and hard lesson, but one that our kids have always been very very kind about.

When the tickets went on sale in early December, we had family everywhere burning up the telephone lines and working the Internet to try and get the girls tickets for Christmas. No luck. The tickets sold out in 55 minutes and we didn't have any.

With JC's blessing, I started my ebay quest. We lost 4 bids over the course of a month. We had a budget and couldn't go over. The week of the show, I found 4 tickets on ebay with a very low starting big and no minimum sell amount. Well, sure enough, we won the bid just two days before the show. And the best part about the whole thing was that we only paid $6 per ticket over face value and that included overnight shipping. That ebay man in Chicago was surely sent down from Heaven because not only was he doing the right thing by not gouging us, but he was very very kind and excited that we were going to be able to go.

So we called our Momo (my mom) and asked her how she would feel about seeing Hannah Montana with us. She got here an hour before the show started and showed up with new outfits for both of the girls to wear to the show.

We were all SO excited. It was such a fun night. Miley Cyrus put on a great show and we had the best girl time ever. Even though we were on the second to the last row, sitting kinda behind the stage and all still under the weather, we sang and danced our hearts out! Thank you Chicago man, thank you Miley Cyrus and thank you Jesus. We had the best time ever. We will all remember it forever.


Texicana said...

Hannah Montana rocks! I'm so glad your mom won the auction for the tix. Your group photo is beautiful. What a beautiful family photo. Love Ya'll!

Heather and Stephen said...

That was one busy week with the flu! I'm so so glad you all got to do this with one another. Family memories!