Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Behind

I've been thinking about this post all day today and wondering what I might say. I hope my faithful followers (all 7 of you) aren't looking for anything too profound, cause I've got nothin.

I am enjoying typing while here at AYO practice and it is great that JC lets me use his laptop and holds and tends so that I can do it. But to be honest, all of this music is giving me a headache and kinda wanna stand up and scream at the kid that keeps missing the part. And can you go ahead and tune your bass while your at it please? I think I might need a cookie.

I talked on the phone to our dear friend Denise for the first 30 of AYO. Gosh I miss living next door to her. And our kids most especially miss it. They talk about her and Jay often and I have even overheard conversations between the kids about who missed them the most or what is missed the most...the popsiscles, the tree climbing, the holiday cookie baking or the long long walks to the secret park. We will never be able to replace those memories for our older kids and I am just so bummed out that our SBW will not have the fun of running between the bushes to go and play. We will get together this week and I suspect that for a few hours, it will be like we never left Deerfield Drive.

Speaking of Deerfield Drive, I have been thinking a lot lately about home. I loved living on Deerfield Drive. #1 was only 1 when we moved into that house and was 11 when we moved out. That is the home where I rocked our first four babies. I knew that someday we would need to move, our family was growing but our house wasn't. I never expected that we would need to move so abruptly.

The Duclet Drive house was a drive by for us. I never felt at home. I really hated living there. I hated that our kids had to move from our well loved older home only to live in a house for a year and then move again. The irony of the Dulcet Drive house is that it was practically new. Perfect white walls. Beautiful kitchen, three living areas. A dream come true and every other house was living the exact same perfectly vanilla dream. Bleck. I like an older home. I always joke that I prefer wood paneling to crown molding. hee hee.

Most nights before I go to sleep I send a little thanks out into the universe (and the Carpenters) for our home. We could have never predicted that we would be where we are now and if it weren't for #1's schoolmates parent's, we would not be in the great place we are now. We all love our home. It feels like home for us. Everyone is comfortable. We have only lived here for 16 months and we already have so many memories. I can picture us living here for a very very long time.

This afternoon after school, there were 11 kids (yes, you read that right) at our house and in our yard. The front door is always propped open and everyone feels like they can come and go and have a world of fun.

Oh geez, only two minutes left.

And did I report that SBW is crawling and now has FOUR teeth. Wow wee, time is flying fast. #2 had an outstanding sleepover on Friday. Nine of the nicest sweetest girls in town at our house. No ugliness or drama. It was really a great party. #3 has started playing a lot with the neighborhood boys and I am big fan. They are good kids. And #4, well he FINALLY started soccer last week and is proud to once again be on the team that JC coaches. He is stoked.

Okay, now they are hovering which means they might be reading. I am looking forward to cooking tonight. It is BLT night and we are ALL SO EXCITED.

I also need to say that one of my lifelong friends is taking a break from personal blogging. I am sad. I understand. I've been thinking a lot about taking the same break. Maybe I should. I am trying very hard to only be on the computer when the kids and JC aren't around. These are my living breathing people. They deserve attention, not this box.

Okay - for real, I'm going now.

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Anonymous said...

You'll have to point me to the right post(s) so that I can catch up on the story with the moves since I missed it. And I'm with ya' on the cracker box house vs. home with character. :)