Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April fool's day was once again successful at our house. Here's a short list of the foolery.

* #2 told me she need to talk to me in private. We go outside and she goes into this big long thing about her and the BFF fighting on the playground and how she was SO SO SO upset. My blood is boiling because my sweet angel has been treated so poorly. I once again have NO IDEA how I will help my pre-teen sweet daughter through this injustice.

We are interrupted by #1 who comes outside and says I need to see something. He's being VERY serious. He takes me to the kitchen and shows me my favorite place in the house. There are pictures on the ground, pictures knocked over and he says that the stained glass that I have on the window is broken on the ground behind the cabinet. He apologizes a million times telling me he is so so so sorry. The soccer ball hit the window and knocked the stained glass down and it knocked down all of the stuff on the cabinet. I almost start crying. The stained glass was a gift from a friend when #4 was born. I LOVE all of the stuff on this cabinet. How could he be so disrespectful???

I am getting good and upset and #2 walks in and they say in perfect harmony "APRIL FOOLS!" They planned the whole thing. OMG. I had to go outside. I was punked by my 11 and 12 year old.

Don't feel bad for me though - they have always grown up knowing not to mess with the master.

* #1 tricked all of the kids by 'pocketing' their bed sheets. Basically they tried to get under the covers but they were folded so their legs/feet couldn't go in.

* We put green food coloring on JC's portion of pot roast. It turned his mouth green and his teeth have a lovely green tint.

* The kids soaked two bath towels and put some clean water on the bathroom floor and told JC that the toilet over flowed. ha ha - I thought that was pretty funny.

* JC acted like he was really really mad at #1 for something, but it was all a joke. Can't think of what it was now though.

* I put lemon juice on all of the toothbrushes. That should be a tasty surprise in the morning.

And for the perfect ending to a perfect day, I was mooned by my family. Oh the memories.

P.S. I realize that the mooning could fall into the TMI category - but it sure did make my heart feel warm and fuzzy tonight. There is nothing better than a family mooning. I love my family.


Amy J. said...

I love your family too. Y'all are awesome!

becky said...

You guys have all the fun!

Heather and Stephen said...

this made me laugh and laugh and laugh!!! :)