Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Behind

So here we are again. 6:18pm. Monday. Life is good. Two girls sitting in front of me working very quietly on their homework. I strategically position the kids so that they can't read what I am writing.

It isn't that I'm telling any deep dark secrets (today at least), but I just don't wanna share this. Not yet. This is the one place that I am kid free. Oh, except for the fact that I am constantly writing about them. Isn't it ironic. Like a no smoking sign on my cigarette break. A little too...

#1 asked me about the blog the other day. Seems that some folks read and tell their kids. Then my kids find out things third hand about our life, or things that I've said about them. It is a bit of a weird situation. I am still living in the fantasy land that our kids aren't young teens and that their friends aren't asking me to be their friends on facebook/myspace. I mean for goodness gracious, what if I want to air our dirty laundry? Or say the 'f' work. Maybe I wanna talk about how drunk I got last week and how I had some crazy wild sex with my lover and *holy shit* I could be pregnant again. I mean, not that another baby would be a bad thing, but I'm just sayin'. And then there are those facebook/myspace friend requests - I just ignore them. I would be pretty bothered if I knew OUR kids were asking other grown-ups to be friends. But maybe I am just weird that way. And by the way, if one of our kids does ask you, you better tell me!!!!

I am happy to report that SBW is doing well. He is acting like his attempt at being a human composter never happened. Too bad that I can't chill out and act the same way. I think I pulled a muscle in my leg while jumping over a clothes basket trying to get to him and get something out of his hand. That something turned out to be part of a rice cracker. Geez. And the best part is that I ended up having to sit on the floor and laugh at myself because I am sure that I looked like a nut. I mean more of a nut than normal.

In my constant quest to get more light in the house, I have removed all of the blinds off the rear of the house. Our yard has quite a few trees, so there is only a slim chance that the neighbors can see me walking around in my birthday suit. The neighbors behind us are getting new decking on the backside of their house. We sit perpendicular to each other, so they don't look right into our yard, but I am sure they can see in the house when the lighting is just right. They are re-decking all three stories and last week I happened to see one of the guys fall off the ladder. He was pretty high up, but he seemed to be okay. Today the same guy was kinda balancing between 2x4's and singing along with the radio with all his heart. It really made me smile. He was happily belting out George Strait, Kid Rock, Alan Jackson and Carrie Underwood. The Carrie Underwood Jesus Take the Wheel was my very favorite. I was intentionally in the kitchen washing dishes so that I could enjoy the show. Maybe we should hire him to hang out on their deck all of the time so that I can get some stuff done in the kitchen! :)

We are on the countdown for school to get out. Only 34 days left. Or I think - I am relying on a 5th grader for my facts at this moment. We are all looking forward to the summer. This summer we will go on a family vacation with all of JC's family. 8 adults and 8 kids. We are all looking forward to it. It will be a lot of driving, but a ton of fun. It has been such a long time since we were last in Lake Tahoe. Oh, I can't wait. The kids have been saving every penny and we have all been cleaning out and trying to sell our stuff at garage sales so that we have vacation money and money to buy Sea World season tickets. Sea World has an offer right now where you get a season pass for the same price as a single day ticket. We haven't been to a theme park in three years. This is a great and easy deal. Sea World is close enough to our house so the gas won't cost a fortune and we will only have to pay for parking. We can make sandwiches to take and spend time in the regular park or in the waterpark. The only way that we won't end up with the tickets is if we don't earn enough money at the garage sale this weekend. Fingers crossed - we are half way to our goal!

Okay - 7:01pm. Gotta go.
Geez, where does the time go.

Should have more for tonight.


ang said...

Buy one season pass & the rest fun passes -- the season pass includes parking and coupons. :)

ang said...

Also, if you do this -- the Sea World thing, you must give me a call sometime that you come -- we are literally 5 minutes (if that) from there!

Christy said...

I added several of my relatives to FB last week. One of them was my cousin who is 4 hours older than N. N had a MySpace and I made him shut it down, then he had a FaithFreaks (supposedly a "Christian" alternative) and I ended up shutting that down to. Sorry, some little girls are just trampy. I told him he could do a Facebook, if he added me the cousins, the aunt and uncle. He also added HRL-B. Then, I added several of his friends that are in our homeschool group. That way he's showing up in my feed pretty often and I can see what's going on. Can't be too careful, I learned that with MySpace.
I think if they're wanting to add you, it's cause they think you're cool.

Amy J. said...

Ditto Christy - they thing you're cool. You are cool. I wanna go to Sea World with you when you go. So does LJ.