Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Power of Oxiclean

I should be getting things ready for the game filled, party filled, crazy as always weekend. But oh no. Here I sit.

I was folding clothes just now, and it dawned on me that I haven't shared my most recent OxiClean story. We never really used OxiClean in our laundry until this time last year, when my friend Monica told me that her family uses it all of the time. So I bought some and have since become a faithful customer.

You might remember that one week ago, we had the Extreme Soccer showdown in our backyard. Well, I thought I'd show you a few before and after pictures. Please note #1's brand new tennis shoes COVERED in mud.

Now see what a one day soak in OxiClean plus a cycle through the wash with OxiClean can do. Waaa laaa. Just like new.

Next we have our good friend's t-shirt that was worn into the mud.

This shirt was soaked in the bucket for one day with all of the other mud clothes and the shoes. Then it was thrown into the washer for one cycle with OxiClean. How 'bout that!

Maybe if I start posting more about my love affair with OxiClean they might start sending me some free buckets. I mean I am the PERFECT one woman advertising campaign.


Austin Sarah said...

Okay. You've convinced me. I'm buying some. But how do you use it and not get the voice of the obnoxious guy from the commercial stuck in your head? I always feel like he's yelling at me.

Amy J. said...

Haha! I was about to ask if you're getting a cut of the advertising action for Oxyclean! We love us some Oxyclean at our house too. It works GREAT on baby poo.