Tuesday, November 6, 2007

11 Is No Trick

Today our son turned 11. Yep, that's right...11!!! I just cannot believe it. We had a beautiful morning of family time before school, yummy sausage and egg breakfast made by dad and Elmo cupcakes at school to share with friends. We came home from school, did homework, played outside and enjoyed the beautiful and brisk evening air during soccer practice. Once we finally got home, we had our normal family birthday gathering with our six and our special two. There isn't a day that goes by that I do not think about Deerfield Drive and the love, friendship and family that we found through the bushes. (But that is a whole different post!)

We played a few tricks on #1 during this celebration. First, we didn't tell him that D&J were coming over - so he was happily surprised when he opened the door and found them hiding to the side!! Then we put 'never go out' candles on his cake. That is always a ton of fun, but boy-o-boy, do they make some smoke!

The biggest and best trick was saved for last though. We took one of his old skate decks and wrapped it up. When he opened it, he was confused until dad handed over the new deck! We all had a good laugh.

#2 gave him a new book by one of his favorite authors, Louis Sachar. #3 gave him the 'This is my Element' skate video. And #4 gave him really cool juggling sticks which he has almost mastered!

He was thrilled to get a really cool Skatepark of Austin t-shirt and the always expected and very coveted washcloth from D&J. Someday she is going to stop making these little treasures and our kids are going to go nuts!!! :)

So here's to getting one of our kids through to another year. We have made it this far and I am happy to report that he is a pretty darn good kid. What a beautiful blessing he has been to my life. I am SO thankful!