Wednesday, November 28, 2007


A long time ago (04/08/07 to be exact), I randomly clicked on a blog to see what it was about. It had an intresting title and I was new to the blogging word, so I checked it out.

Every day since that very first day, I have checked in on my friend Marissa and her family. I don't personally know Marissa, but she has touched my heart. I cannot even begin to understand what it is that she and her adoring husband and her children must be going through right now.

I pray for Marissa. I really really pray for Marissa. What a beautiful beautiful person. I know that our God has a plan. Please join me in saying a prayer for her and her family.


Anonymous said...

Way to make me cry first thing in the morning.

Medium Rare Please: said...

I feel drained after reading all that. I almost cried, too. Makes my stupid blog about cooking feel completely inane.