Sunday, November 25, 2007


Friday morning we got up and made our annual trip to the Elgin Christmas Tree farm to cut down our tree. I was trying to remember just how many years we have had this tradition...I am pretty certain that we have been doing this since 1998. So basically this is the only way that our kids will remember getting a tree. Over the years, we have invited many friends and family to join us on our hunt for the big tree. This year we decided to do it with just the six of us. What an incredible time. We got to the farm and bundled up. The high for the day was about 43 degrees! We took the hayride out to the field and spent just a little bit of time trying to find the right tree for us. And before I knew it, we had found the one that ALL of us agreed upon. We all took a turn cutting her down with JC finishing the job. Naturally, there were a couple of kids in the way and the tree literally fell right on top of them. After getting back on the hayride and making our way back to the front of the tree farm, the kids all played around while JC got our tree out to the car and I browsed in the Christmas cottage. I love all of the items that are for sale in the cottage. They always have lots of beautiful Christ centered ornaments and trinkets for Christmas. After we were all paid up, we went to the front of the farm where all of the animals are kept. The kids love seeing the llamas, goats, chickens, ducks, bunnies, pig and horse. But what they love the most is the two giant hay bales that sit in the front of the animal pens. We were seriously there for about an hour with the kids playing and being happy in and on this hay. They were laughing and jumping and throwing hay and just having the very best time. This is one of those moments that I will never ever forget in my whole life. My six...all together...all sharing the most perfect love that comes when you are a family. I know that they will always remember this day - maybe not the details, but they will remember the love. Once we left the Christmas tree farm, we made our traditional stop at our second favorite bar-b-que restaurant - Southside Market in Elgin. As always, the food was the tops and we had a great family meal. The kids were all so happy and full of life and love. We brought the tree home and had it fully decorated in no time at all. Everyone participated in hanging the lights and ornaments. It was #4's turn for the angel on top - he was REALLY excited to do it. I am so glad to have the tree here. It is so beautiful.

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HeatherRene said...

Several comments:
1. If you haven't done a Christmas card, and don't care if you and Jeff are in it...the pic at the top on the hay is great!
2. I remember doing this with T. Remember he had the PNF at first?!
3. They all look SO grown up!
4. My stomach growled and mouth watered at the mention of Southside Mkt!!!

Tis the Season!!!!!!!