Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Friend In Need...

...is a friend indeed!

Today was a pretty crummy day for me. I was in a pretty bad place this morning and needed someone to talk to. I called JC and we talked and I calmed down. Then I called my Heather.

Man-o-man, do I miss my BFF Heather.

Even though she is a million miles away and 7 hours ahead of me, we were still able to connect on that spiritual level where we can be raw and real. She listened while I talked on and on and on. Then, she talked. She was in the trenches with me while I tried to work through my feeling. She was fighting with me and for me. She held my hand and my heart at the same time and helped me to remember that I am not alone. She reminded me of my good qualities, and helped me work through the burden that I was holding. There is nothing more important than a best friend. The love that I feel for this woman is overwhelming. Who could know that 20 years later we could still have this beautiful real friendship and love for each other. I am so blessed. And I am so thankful.

She is home for me.


Anonymous said...

Good thing my period is over, or I'd be crying. Happy birthday and congratulations on your ball game. I promise I never would have done that.

HeatherRene said...

and now I'm crying! argh!!! I want to come home!