Sunday, November 25, 2007

Touching and Beautiful

The mom of one of #1's classmates died a few weeks ago. Last Tuesday the 5th graders had a beautiful tribute to her and her two sons at our school playground. She has a son that is in 5th grade and one that is in 7th grade. Both of the boys attended our school through all of the grades (K-6).

The 5th grade kids worked on digging a hole on Monday and Tuesday during recess and then on Tuesday night during the memorial, they planted a tree on the school playground. We go to a relatively small school where there are only two 5th grade classes. It appeared that 90% of the 5th grade kids/parents made it to the memorial.

After the tree was planted, kids and parents took turns reading beautiful poems and sharing wonderful memories about the mom and the two kids. Our friend Sara was there with her guitar and we sang beautiful songs. All of the 5th grade kids made a book for their classmate and presented it to him since he will be going to live with is dad and not going to our school any longer.

The service ended with an incredible few rounds of 'You are My Sunshine' where everyone was wrapped in a circle of love and there were no dry eyes anywhere around.

How beautiful and touching. The sky was incredible and the friendship and love were unbelievable.

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HeatherRene said...

That is awesome. I have chills just reading about it.