Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tree Ha Ha

Can you believe that a few folks have made comments to us (the kids) about us cutting down the Christmas tree. We live in an area where everyone has an opinion (that they openly share) about how we should all be more enviromentally friendly. Our family does our part. We recycle. We use the long lasting light bulbs. So to all you people that think we are hurting the earth by cutting our tree down - read the article at the link below.

BTW all of you enviro-nazi's...practically everyone in Alvin and in small town Texas recycle straight to the dump.



Anonymous said...

enviro-Nazi's- haha!
they'd have us living in the cold dark, with no modern conveniences, sick from diseases that there are cures to, driving horse and buggy and eating god-knows-what because you should only buy locally-grown, in-season produce.
Can you tell that pushes one of my buttons.
I love that your family has a tradition of going and cutting down a pagan Christmas tree ;)

Anonymous said...

oh and I'm sorry that you had to endure people's criticism. that's just rotten.

Darlene said...

Wow! Why would people comment to the children--that's just wrong. Anyhoo, we have two trees. One artificial (for the house because I got tired of pine needles) and one live (for my office because the little artificial trees have white lights and I hate white lights on Christmas trees--that's just us though apparently). Luckily I know you'll do your own thing anyhoo. BTW, I'm also a recycler and almost a recycling Nazi like the mom in Serial Mom - haha. Love, Tex