Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stargrazer Ranch

The reception was held at the Stargrazer Ranch. This is the Leach family ranch (bride's parents) that is around the corner from the church - just minutes away from Schulenberg, Texas.

This is probably one of the most beautiful receptions I've ever been to. The ranch sits on many acres. In addition to a large tent, the family home and barn were also used for mingling and visiting with family and friends.

Upon arriving at the ranch, we were greeted by a three piece Texas Swing band that was playing all of the classics.

We enjoyed cocktail hour while having many delicious appetizers. The weather was perfect and the ranch was just beautiful! At some point, they rang the dinner bell and we all made our way to the tent. Oh my - it was SO beautiful inside. Our six were seated at the 'squirrel' table with Jeff's cousin. I was breaking my neck to try and see everything that was in this portable reception building. First of all, it was air conditioned and had wood floors. There were so many beautiful flowers. Everywhere - hanging from the ceiling, on the tables, on the couches - everywhere you looked more beautiful flowers. And the food - oh my! It was done in a buffet style with many different stations. Beef tenderloin, salad area, fresh veggies and mushrooms being sauteed right when you asked. Crab cakes being made while you waited, oh - it was ALL so so so good. All of our kids ate caviar too. This was offered at the avocado bar - where you got a half of pitted avocado and you could dress it with any of the sides that were available! It was so so so good!


Anonymous said...

an avacado bar?? whoever heard of such a thing? or maybe i need to get out more :) it looks amazing. all of it, not just the avacados.

HeatherRene said...

I'm putting some of that cheese on my avacado! :)
You should be a wedding writer for the newspaper! Such detail!