Sunday, November 25, 2007

Santa Won't Miss Our House!

After our delicious Thanksgiving feast, we continued putting the lights on the house. I did around the front windows, the door and the garage doors. I went out one of the upstairs windows onto the roof and got yelled at by the kids and they told on JC came out and made me get down. ARGH!!!!

Needless to say, he got out the ladder and put the lights on the downstairs trim. Somehow I'm gonna get lights on the top portion of the house too. Just gotta figure out a plan!!!


HeatherRene said...

Lean out the window and have a kid hold your feet. (probably #1 would be best) and then have each of them hold each other's feet in a chain so you can reach!

Amy J. said...

you need a bigger ladder. Call the fire department!