Tuesday, April 22, 2008

21 The Movie

Something very special happened for us Saturday night. #3 was on her camping trip, #1 and #2 both were asked to spend the night out with friends, so that left us with just #4 at home. Being a little bit pregnant and a whole lotta psycho, I decided that we should do our best to see if someone would have M over so that we could go out. Well, after only a couple of phone calls, our good friend Jamey came through and took M for us. M was THRILLED! He got to go out to eat w/his good buddy Q and have a half-sleepover w/Q and his dad!

We ended up going to see the movie 21. I have been dying to see this flick. I have had this obsession on learning about these kids from MIT that won big in Vegas.

I am SO thankful that we were able to call on Jamey - it was such a NICE treat for us! Thank you Thank You THANK YOU Jamey!

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Heather and Stephen said...

cool! yaye for date night and a good movie! :)