Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sweet Angels Turns 10!

Double digits. Wow. We now have two kids that are in the doubles.

E turned 10 on March 23. Yep, that was Easter Sunday. Her birthday will fall on Easter Sunday again once in her life - 2060. Kinda weird to think about her spending her 62nd birthday on Easter.

She has become such a beautiful person. I love that she is kind hearted. She is a great caregiver and such a true blue friend. She works hard at school and in her extra activities. I love that she has a sweet spirit and a wonderful sense of humor. I love that she feels passion for all living creatures. I am so thankful for my sweet angel and all that she offers our family and everyone that she comes in contact with.

We had a great time with our traditional family dinner and party. Everyone was dying to get a piece of that cake. I don't know why though, they had been eating Easter candy ALL day long!

She got a new outfit, sunglasses and two new American Girl books from Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Steve. I know she loved opening the gifts, but I she like posing for the picture more. :)

She was VERY VERY excited to get a new Wii game from Darlene and Dave. All four of the kids have been singing and dancing to Boogie.

And all of the kids enjoy putting thought into what gifts to get each other. She got a silky gown from M, and tye dye dress from J and a pair of really cool purple crocs. from S. I think that is the best time of every birthday - being so excited to open the gifts that you know your brothers and sister picked out for you.

I am so so blessed to have this 10 year old angel in my life!


Heather and Stephen said...

Happy Birthday, E-B!

Amy J. said...

Happy Birthday E!!!!!! March 23rd is my baby nephew's birthday too!! Yay for Easter b-days!