Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cups Glasses Cups

My friend IRL CG made a comment on her homeschool blog today about her kitchen cabinet being empty - every single glass being dirty. Well, I had to take a picture of our normal glass situation.

25 dirty glasses in one day. 6 of us - 25 dirty glasses. This photo represents one day worth of glasses. Oh my. Something has gotta change!


Christy said...

Oh girl! I feel your pain!
And your people aren't even there all day long.
I see your problem, though, too many clear glasses. Clear glasses in my house, mean that once more than one clear glass is out, then you can't drink out of that glass again-someone else (with your same dna) might have drunk out of it, so you must get another...and the cycle continues..

Heather and Stephen said...

One cup. Reuse all day. That was the rule back when we were kids! We were SO "green"! :)

Amy J. said...

Looks like you need to implement the Katie method: a piece of masking tape on each cup/glass, with the person's name or initial on it. Same glass, all day (all weekend for the J family)... That Katie, she is all about conservation!