Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Really COOL

Well, 11:56pm and they have just made it home. S is grinning from ear to ear. He just kept saying 'it was really really cool mom'. JC seems to have also had a great time. JC was telling S how he went to his first Rush concert in 1985. He also mentioned how everyone would wear their t-shirts to school the next day - which you know S is planning to do! Who'da thought that 23 years after going to his first Rush show he'd be taking his kid to see them. S also loved that they didn't have an opening act and played for the full three hours. I am SO happy for both of them!


Melanie said...

I didn't know you liked Rush. Marcus LOVES them! He has been to so many of their shows and was so sad he missed the one here in Austin. We just saw them in Dallas in August. Yay! for S for getting to go and get the cool shirt!

Amy J. said...

That is awesome - that they got to spend father-son time together bonding over music. I love that S has such cool taste in music!

Anonymous said...

I gave David tickets for his b-day in the Summer of '07. We spent the weekend in DFW before and after. It was SOOOOOOOOO hot and they played at the outdoor theater in Fair Park. It was loads of fun, although, it was really weird being sober with all the high and drunk teenagers .. and old farts. :) So cool that father and son got to go together. Ours never really liked "old" music until they were teens.