Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Game

Pre-game planning!

Saturday morning after we dropped off the camper, we went to M's very first soccer game. He was REALLY excited and looking forward to the game all week long. Since this is a 4-5 year old league, they don't keep score. However, we all know that the kids are pretty aware of what is going on. JC is the coach, so he was on the field with the kids making sure they are headed to the correct goal and stopping when the ball goes out of bounds.
Both coaches pointing the way to the goal!

#4 did make one goal for his team and he was very excited about it. In the end though, he came off of the field crying and mad because the other team (primarily one kid) had scored so many goals. He was mostly upset because he thought the other kid was laughing at them. We tried to explain that the little boy wasn't laughing at them, but that he was smiling and laughing the whole time he was on the field! I guess that is just to hard to understand when you are 5.
GOAL!!! GOAL!!! GOAL!!!!