Thursday, April 10, 2008

Soccer Boy

So finally we have a fourth soccer player! After many years of asking and patiently waiting on the side while the older kids to do their thing, M is on his very own soccer team! He is so so so happy to be doing it with 3 of his good buddies from the neighborhood. And to top it off, JC is the coach - so he is in HEAVEN! He wishes everyday was a practice day. The games haven't started yet, but next week he'll be busting because he is SO happy to finally get out there and play some real soccer!

After practice today, I took this picture of him and his buddies making their best soccer face. I think you can tell that all four boys are REALLY excited!


Heather and Stephen said...

Those are some priceless faces!! :)

Christy said...

He's already got his game face on!

Amy J. said...

Yay for M!! Tell him to quit growing up so fast!