Sunday, April 20, 2008

4 More Overnight

Gas prices rose by .04 cents while we were sleeping Thursday night. I am sometimes just shocked at how much we are paying. And diesel gas is close to $4.00 per gallon. How in the world are people going to be able to get anywhere this summer?


Heather and Stephen said...

Oh thank heaven, for 7-11!! Sorry 'bout the gas! At least you are a bit closer to school and such now, yes? I am hugely grateful that we don't have to buy gas in euro. It's about the same on post as it is there, but it is about triple on the German economy!

Texicana said...

The gas prices are quite frightening. I can tell that the freeways are much less crowded. The gov't apparently has no control over the oil companies because they allow the oil executives plead the fifth in congressional hearings. I am a first amendment rights girl but oil co. executive's stance is abuse of power. God help the middle class.